The Mission of Boone County Pals Animal Assistance Fund is to improve the quality of life for domestic animals of Boone County by providing aid, resources, guidance and education through services and charitable contributions.

The Boone County PALS Animal Assistance Fund was designed to provide a range of services including low-cost Spay/ Neuter and basic vetting options for local Boone County residents.   Partnering with local vets and supporters, B.A.R.C. Boone Animal Rescue Coalition, Inc. has a volunteer team on hand who can provide the guidance and support to help those in need.

          • Low Income Household -Spay/Neuter Program
          • Discounted Vaccinations
          • Dog/Cat Food Pantry
          • Emergency Medical Assistance
          • Community Awareness
          • Volunteer Opportunities

What does PALS stand for ?

Piper, Ace, Lucy, and Sampson were four beautiful dogs whos lives were cut short due to a horrible virus known as Distemper. Their deaths could have been prevented by basic routine vet care and vaccines.  Piper, Ace, Lucy and Sampson were all discarded and scheduled to be euthanized at the Boone County Dog Pound.  They made it into foster care but shortly there after, their foster families had to watch their bodies and minds slowly decay.  No matter how hard they fought, the horrible disease wouldn't let go. 

In memoriam of these four beautiful souls, we dedicate this program to them in hopes that their story will save the lives of even one animal !